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ועדת התכנון של מחוז פרי

יישום תוכנית ועמלות ––


כדי להגיש תוכנית חלוקה או פיתוח קרקע לבדיקה או אישור של ועדת התכנון של מחוז פרי, אנא הורד ומלא את הבקשה הזו:


תוכניות לא יתקבלו ללא אגרות נדרשות ובקשות מולאות, כולל חתימות מהעירייה המתאימה.

To submit a subdivision or land development plan for Perry County Planning Commission review or approval, please download and fill out this application:


Plans will not be accepted without required fees and a completed applications, including signatures from the respective municipality.



A formal subdivision and/or land development application consists of the following:

  • A completed subdivision and land development application;

  • A review fee (payable to Perry County Planning Commission);

  • One hard copy of the subdivision and/or land development plan set;

  • One digital copy of the subdivision and/or land development plan set (pdf format).


For fee information associated with the review or approval, see the municipality in the menu below and click the fee link.​


If you have questions regarding the fees, call us at 717-234-2639 before submitting a plan for review.​

Plan Review button

לחץ לבדיקת תוכנית או בקשה לאישור


  • Blain Borough

  • Jackson Township

  • Landisburg Borough

  • Millerstown Borough

  • New Buffalo Borough

  • Northeast Madison Township

  • Southwest Madison Township

  • Toboyne Township


  • Bloomfield Borough

  • Buffalo Township

  • Carroll Township

  • Centre Township

  • Duncannon Borough

  • Greenwood Township

  • Howe Township

  • Juniata Township

  • Liverpool Borough

  • Liverpool Township

  • Marysville Borough

  • Miller Township

  • Newport Borough

  • Oliver Township

  • Penn Township

  • Rye Township

  • Saville Township

  • Spring Township

  • Tuscarora Township

  • Tyrone Township

  • Watts Township

  • Wheatfield Township

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