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The figures below explore historical trends and the current status of the HATS region relative to the performance measures listed above. Each of the five distinct safety performance measures are shown below tracked from the year 2000 through 2019. These charts reflect the most recent trend 20-year trend of data available.

Overall, there is a downward trend in fatalities within the Harrisburg region. The number of Serious Injuries and the Serious Injury Rate has shown an increase starting in 2016. This can likely be attributed to the reclassification of serious injuries as of January 1, 2016. The non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries within the Harrisburg region are currently on an upward trend.

number of fatalities

Figure 1. Number of Fatalities within the HATS Region

Fatality Rate

Figure 2. Rate of fatalities per 100 million Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT)

Number of suspected serious injuries

Figure 3. Number of Serious Injuries

serious injury crash rate

Figure 4. Serious injury crash rate per 100 million vehicle miles travelled

non-motorized suspected serious injuries and fatalities

Figure 5. Number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries

These charts were developed from information from PennDOT’s PCIT crash portal and the Annual Highway Statistics reports.



PennDOT distributes annual reports to the MPOs to show progress towards meeting the statewide targets for the pavement and bridge condition performance measures. Below are tables reporting the HATS region progress towards the pavement and bridge condition performance measures for the 2019 reporting year.


Figure 6. Harrisburg Region Pavement 2019 Performance Report

The chart from the pavement performance report shoes that the Harrisburg Region meets the goal for the “Good” condition pavements and is slightly over the “Poor” condition pavements goal for the 2021 targets.


Figure 7. Harrisburg Region Bridge 2019 Performance Report

The chart above shoes that the Harrisburg Region’s National Highway System bridges fall below the 2021 target of 25.8% of bridges rated in “Good” condition. The Harrisburg Region is currently well below the 6.0% target of National Highway System bridges.



Annual reports for regional progress towards the statewide performance measures are not provided for PM-3. The chart below shows the statewide targets for System Performance in addition to the Harrisburg Regional performance.


Figure 8. Harrisburg Region PM-3 Report

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