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RTP 实施方案 ––

RTP 实施计划由哈里斯堡地区交通研究 (HATS) 协调委员会于 2020 年创建。


通过拨款,该计划将资助满足 HATS 区域交通计划和 TCRPC 区域增长管理计划目标的交通研究和改进,同时“提供更安全、更适合步行、可骑自行车和交通便利的交通系统”。

RTP 实施计划由哈里斯堡地区交通研究 (HATS) 协调委员会于 2020 年创建。

HATS RTP 2045 Logo

Through grants, the program will fund transportation studies and improvements that meet HATS Regional Transportation Plan and TCRPC Regional Growth Management Plan goals while “providing for safer, more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly transportation systems.”

Eligible projects include:

  • Feasibility plans/studies that integrate land use and transportation system improvements;

  • Non-motorized transportation facilities that provide a transportation benefit;

  • Investments that make transit service more viable and convenient and/or provide safer connections to access transit;

  • Streetscape projects that incorporate traffic calming;

  • Roadway improvements that provide a more interconnected, multimodal transportation;

  • Redevelopment of existing streets into neighborhood streets (i.e. road diets, etc.);

  • Improvements to non-motorized travel safety;

  • Low-cost investments to improve safety and/or reduce congestion;

  • Roundabouts or other intersection improvements that provide multi-modal benefits;

  • Investments designed to improve safety at “high priority” locations;

  • Transit system improvements or enhancements.

For a fillable PDF application form, click here.

For grant program guidelines, click here.

For more information or to schedule a mandatory pre-application meeting, email us or call 717-234-2639.

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