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自行车和行人规划 ––

感谢所有参加 2021 年秋季 HATS 区域自行车和行人计数计划的人!

这些统计由志愿者专门进行,为我们地区的规划者、决策者和任何有兴趣在 HATS 地区让步行和骑自行车更安全、更方便的人提供重要数据。它们是作为国家自行车和行人文献项目的一部分进行的。

计数地点是由 HATS 规划人员、HATS 自行车/Ped 工作组和其他当地利益相关者共同确定的。


The event attendance for the HATS Regional Active Transportation Plan has concluded. As indicated below, we were able to attend multiple events this summer and fall, talking to visitors and residents from Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry Counties. The project team would like to thank all those that came out and offered input or suggestions for the Plan.


As we move into the development of the Plan recommendations, the Public Survey and Wikimapping Tool will both remain open and available, ensuring we provide the maximum opportunity for our region's visitors and residents to participate and offer input.

The HATS Regional Active Transportation Plan Public Survey is available by clicking here.

The HATS Regional Active Transportation Plan Wikimapping Tool is available by clicking here.


Municipal Outreach Meeting - January 23, 2024 (register here)

Regional Partners Meeting* - January 31, 2024 (register here)

*being held in tandem with Steering Committee meeting


In early 2024, members of the project team will hold the following Open House Public Meetings to present draft recommendations. Each Open House will consist of two sessions featuring formal presentation and informal discussion/open house opportunities.


The sessions for each Open House will run from 4 PM - 6 PM and from 7 PM - 9PM.

Cumberland County Open House - January 9, 2024

Carlisle Borough Building

53 W South Street, Carlisle, PA

Dauphin County Open House - January 10, 2024

Susquehanna Township Building

1900 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA

Perry County Open House - January 11, 2024

Bloomfield Borough Buidling

25 E McClure Street, New Bloomfield, PA

A copy of the County Open House presentation is available here.


  • Municipal Outreach Meeting - June 15 (video)

  • Regional Partners Outreach Meeting - June 28 (video)


Questions or comments? Email Andrew Bomberger or call him at (717) 234-2639.


Click the image to download the flyer!


Click the image to download the board!


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