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规划机构的年度报告 ––


PA 市政规划法 (MPC) 第 207 条要求市政规划机构保留其业务的完整记录,并在次年 3 月 1 日之前向其管理机构提交这些活动的年度报告。虽然是一项要求,但 MPC 的这一部分经常被忽视。事实上,只有 26% 的市政当局完成了他们的年度报告。


该报告不仅满足 MPC 的要求,还可以作为管理机构及其居民的资源文件。该文件通常说明了上一年发生的细分和土地开发活动。它还可以说明规划委员会可能已经处理或考虑过的成员变化或特殊主题,以及对分区条例和地图更改、细分条例、街道度假和资本改善计划的审查。  




TCRPC 在其网站上提供了一个模板来帮助社区完成他们的年度报告。你可以在这里找到它。

Section 207 of the PA Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) requires a municipality’s planning agency to keep a full record of its business and submit an annual report of those activities to its governing body by March 1 of the following year. Although a requirement, this section of the MPC is often overlooked. In fact, only 26 percent of municipalities complete their annual reports.


The report not only fulfills the MPC requirement, it also serves as a resource document for the governing body and its residents. The document typically illustrates the subdivision and land development activity that took place in the previous year. It can also illustrate membership changes or special topics the planning commission may have worked on or considered, as well as reviews of zoning ordinances and map changes, subdivision ordinances, street vacations and capital improvement programs. 


The report has no required minimum length (some are only a few pages long) and can be as complex as the community feels is necessary to convey the information regarding their activities.


TCRPC provides a template on its website to help communities complete their annual reports. You can find it here.

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