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Online or traditional surveys are limited in terms of the number of questions that can be asked and the level of detail that can be reasonably obtained. While initiated as a group to oversee the development of the plan, the idea soon arose to transform the steering committee into a group of “Implementation Partners” whose responsibility would extend throughout the 10-year planning period.

Each of the members of this group were interviewed in an effort to obtain more detail for the needs and ongoing/planned initiatives associated with each of the primary focus areas for the comprehensive plan. Copies of the notes from these interviews are available here.

Implementation Partners will meet on a regular basis throughout the planning period for the plan (2017–2026) to track the progress of implementing the plan and make adjustments as measures are implemented or conditions change. The Tracking Our Progress portion of the comprehensive plan website will be regularly updated to enable residents and stakeholders to keep up with the implementation efforts.


Click for partner interview notes (PDF)

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