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2040 UPDATE:

Adopted in September 2017, the 2040 Update of the Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP) focused on incorporating expanded public and stakeholder outreach and providing additional land development pattern analysis.


Outreach was conducted through various public events, stakeholder meetings and steering committee input, resulting in six identified Regional Issues. Scenario planning analysis was utilized to examine how projected land needs could be accommodated while also addressing the Regional Issues.

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TCRPC's Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP) is at the forefront of our mission to provide planning, technical and financial assistance at the county and municipal levels.


As the foundation for county comprehensive plans, regional transportation plans and other planning updates, the RGMP promotes community growth and revitalization through programs that prioritize intelligent land use, transportation, environmental and economic development decisions.


Just some of the RGMP's benefits to the region's quality of life include lower taxes, lower energy costs, more transportation options, improvements to existing infrastructure, more parks and open spaces, improved access to local food, and better health for all.


As envisioned by TCRPC, regional planning isn't a substitute for local, county, state and federal planning, but rather a supplement to it. Therefore, as economic, social and physical changes occur in the region, the RGMP must be reviewed, reevaluated and amended periodically.


The RGMP will serve as a guide for coordinating comprehensive planning among the municipalities, counties and regional planning agency within the Tri-County area.


This plan is a working document that will serve as the foundation for future county comprehensive plans, regional transportation plans and other plan updates.


Implementation of this plan will be through the municipal planning process and coordination among different agencies. This plan will be a reference for the Region in developing future development goals and strategies.


The RGMP is designed to encourage inter-jurisdictional cooperation of ongoing planning for land use, transportation, economic and cultural development and to revise physical growth policies to the year 2040 for Dauphin and Perry Counties.


  • Preparing and maintaining a coordinated and uniform data collection and analysis that provide on a continuous basis; summary data on population, land use, natural resources, public services and utilities of the region;

  • Promoting cooperation among regional, county and local planning activities;

  • Promoting a better understanding of the interrelationships between land use and transportation, public utilities, services and of factors influencing physical growth and development within the region;

  • Increase awareness of the effects individual local community plans have on the development of surrounding communities;

  • Reinvigorating formal and informal mechanisms for continuous public participation and public involvement within TCRPC's planning program.

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