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Dauphin County Presents Premier Project Award to Derry Township Municipal Authority & Hummelstown Borough for Stream Restoration Project

LEFT: Dauphin County Planning Coordinator Jerry Duke presents the Premier Project Award to Hummelstown Mayor David Roeting. CENTER: Duke presents the Award to Michael T. Postick of the Derry Township Municipal Authority. RIGHT: The winners are joined by Dauphin County Commissioners George Hartwick, Mike Pries and Justin Douglas and TCRPC Executive Director Steve Deck.

HARRISBURG, PA – The Dauphin County Commissioners and Planning Commission today presented the annual Premier Project Award to the Derry Township Municipal Authority and the Borough of Hummelstown for their combined effort on the Bullfrog Valley Stream Restoration project.

Located next to Bullfrog Valley Road and the Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail, the project will reduce sediment loads by more than 200,000 pounds per year thanks to 1,800 linear feet of restored stream bank and a stabilized channel.

According to the project entry, reduced sediment flowing downstream will help to improve wildlife habitats and enhance recreational assets in the vicinity, including the highly used trail.

The project also allowed Derry Township to meet its MS4 Pollution Reduction Plan requirements and about 20 percent of its Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction goal, and enabled Hummelstown to meet nearly all of its sediment reduction requirement. The sediment reduction credits are being shared between the two municipalities in one of the first credit-sharing agreements in Pennsylvania.

Judges called the project “a strong environmental stream restoration project which ties in with the county's stormwater goals and positively affects the community.”

Planning Commission Chairman Robert Spandler said the Premier Project Awards acknowledge and encourage planning excellence in Dauphin County, recognizing efforts that meet the community, environmental and economic goals of the county’s Comprehensive Plan.

“We’re glad to recognize planning excellence at the local level and acknowledge the folks who prioritize the community’s future like this project does,” Spandler said.

Dauphin County Board of Commissioners Chairman George P. Hartwick, III said, “We applaud the Derry Township Municipal Authority and the Borough of Hummelstown for their efforts and encourage other municipalities in Dauphin County to follow their example.”

Board Vice-Chairman Justin Douglas said, “Projects that prioritize smart planning and growth like this one does really enhance Dauphin County’s quality of life. We’re very happy to recognize their hard work.”

“It’s a valuable investment in the future of Dauphin County and a great example of what can be accomplished when local governments work together,” said Board Secretary Mike Pries.

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CONTACT: Executive Director Steve Deck, (717) 234-2639


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