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Місія Комісії з планування округу Дофін полягає в тому, щоб направляти, координувати та сприяти розумному та впорядкованому використанню землі та ресурсів, щоб сприяти зростанню місцевої економіки, покращити якість життя та зберегти природне середовище, задовольняючи потреби нинішнє населення округу без шкоди для потреб майбутніх поколінь.


Комісія з планування округу Дофін функціонує для виконання зобов'язань згідно з Кодексом планування муніципалітетів Пенсільванії (MPC).


  • Preserve and/or protect our agricultural, historic and cultural resources along with other important environmental features.


  • Working with the Manada Conservancy, Central Pennsylvania Conservancy, Hershey Trust, DCCD, DCNR, DEP, and other key organizations, seek to coordinate land conservation efforts focused on the areas with the most important agricultural resources and/or greatest environmental sensitivity and potential for development;

  • Promote the utilization of a variety of land use control and land acquisition techniques, such as direct land acquisition, easements, environmental protection zoning, , dedication, buffers, low impact development, overlay zones and transfer of development rights to protect and preserve historic/cultural and other environmentally sensitive lands;

  • Support municipal comprehensive planning effort that are consistent with this plan, the RGMP, and that seek to protect important historic/cultural and other environmental resources;

  • Work with water suppliers to define Source Water protection areas for all public water supplies and preserve/protect these areas through a variety of land preservation and/or other protection mechanisms as appropriate;

  • Working with the PHMC, historic resource stakeholders and municipalities, work toward a more complete inventory of Dauphin County’s historic resources so that effective management plans can be developed;

  • As the items listed herein are put into action, the Implementation Partners should seek to continue their efforts  toward the accomplishment of the plan’s goals through the identification and implementation of additional efforts deemed appropriate by the their committee and the County Commissioners.  Any such actions should be publicly identified in the “Tracking Our Progress” section of the Comprehensive Plan Website.


Areas of Prime Farmland

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Forested Land & Karst Features

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