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페리 카운티 계획 위원회

플랜 신청 및 수수료 ––


Perry 카운티 계획 위원회 검토 또는 승인을 위해 구획 또는 토지 개발 계획을 제출하려면 다음 신청서를 다운로드하여 작성하십시오.


필요한 수수료와 각 지방 자치 단체의 서명을 포함하여 작성된 신청서가 없으면 계획이 수락되지 않습니다.

To submit a subdivision or land development plan for Perry County Planning Commission review or approval, please download and fill out this application:


Plans will not be accepted without required fees and a completed applications, including signatures from the respective municipality.



A formal subdivision and/or land development application consists of the following:

  • A completed subdivision and land development application;

  • A review fee (payable to Perry County Planning Commission);

  • One hard copy of the subdivision and/or land development plan set;

  • One digital copy of the subdivision and/or land development plan set (pdf format).


For fee information associated with the review or approval, see the municipality in the menu below and click the fee link.​


If you have questions regarding the fees, call us at 717-234-2639 before submitting a plan for review.​

Plan Review button

계획 검토 또는 승인 신청 클릭


  • Blain Borough

  • Jackson Township

  • Landisburg Borough

  • Millerstown Borough

  • New Buffalo Borough

  • Northeast Madison Township

  • Southwest Madison Township

  • Toboyne Township


  • Bloomfield Borough

  • Buffalo Township

  • Carroll Township

  • Centre Township

  • Duncannon Borough

  • Greenwood Township

  • Howe Township

  • Juniata Township

  • Liverpool Borough

  • Liverpool Township

  • Marysville Borough

  • Miller Township

  • Newport Borough

  • Oliver Township

  • Penn Township

  • Rye Township

  • Saville Township

  • Spring Township

  • Tuscarora Township

  • Tyrone Township

  • Watts Township

  • Wheatfield Township

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