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Dauphin County, as home to Pennsylvania’s government, maintains a strong economic base that typically performs comparatively well, even in times of recession.

The respondents to the community survey are supportive of existing economic development activities and encourage future economic growth within each municipality so that they can continue to act as great places to both live and work. They would like to see future growth that is clearly reflective of existing development clusters as opposed to consuming agricultural and other rural lands as new development centers.

In order to provide an economy that meets current needs, while also providing an opportunity for future generations to also enjoy the ability to live and work in Dauphin County, there must be clear coordination between County and municipal programs and policies and a coordinated approach to infrastructure development and management.

The recommendations in this comprehensive plan are intended to serve as the means of coordinating municipal and inter-municipal regulations and infrastructure to provide for a strong economic base across Dauphin County for current and future generations.

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