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While the comprehensive plan serves as the formally adopted overall document for Dauphin County, it is far from being the only planning effort that addresses the three primary focus areas identified through the survey. An effort was made to compile the recommendations from other applicable plans and the Implementation Partners will strive to track the progress of all applicable plans for Dauphin County.

However, since the Dauphin County Planning Commission is not directly responsible for the preparation or implementation of these plans, they are identified below along with the entity responsible for their development as key references for this planning effort.

The recommendations in these plans are endorsed to the extent to which they are also included in the Comprehensive Plan or are clearly consistent with this plan:

Comp Plan Ages

Comprehensive Plan Ages in Dauphin County
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While the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) only requires that counties develop comprehensive plans, the Dauphin County Commissioners recognize the importance of these plans at the municipal level, given that the County’s 40 municipalities are the governmental entities with the primary authority for growth management and the provision of many public services.

According to the MPC, municipal plans, where present, are to be “generally consistent” with county plans. As such, the staff of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission will encourage and support the preparation of municipal plans so that all municipalities in Dauphin County have viable plans for their future.

The “Municipal and Stakeholder Resource Guide” prepared as part of this comprehensive plan is specifically designed to provide much of the background data and mapping necessary for municipalities to prepare comprehensive plans in a more cost-effective manner. The figure in the margin depicts the age of municipal comprehensive plans as of 2016.

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