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TERMS OF AGREEMENT This agreement is effective as of the date of this transaction and shall remain effective until all responsibilities set out in Tri-County Regional Planning Commission's (“TCRPC” hereafter) Sponsorship Brochure for the listed benefits are fulfilled. This agreement defines the terms under which TCRPC and the named organization ("Sponsor" hereafter) enter into a sponsorship agreement for one or more of the following listed benefits: TCRPC Annual Luncheon, Education & Training Sessions, Dauphin County Premier Project Awards, TCRPC Newsletter, and other programs that may be created. LIMITED LICENSE The Sponsor grants TCRPC a limited license to use Sponsor’s logo in promotional material, at event sites, and on the website MISCELLANEOUS The parties acknowledge that they will use their best good faith efforts to negotiate and resolve subsequent issues that may arise from this Agreement as a result of unforeseen occurrences and that may alter the conditions of this Agreement.