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Click map for interactive web app

Click map for interactive web app


Web Application FAQs

How do I navigate in the map?

  • A navigational toolset is located in the upper left of the map or you can use your mouse controls.

How can I navigate faster while staying view in?

  • The Overview button is located on the lower right of the map. You can simply move the red extent rectangle to the new location.

What views or basemaps are available?

  • Control buttons on the upper right lets you switch between ESRI supplied street map or aerials – as you "view in" to the map more detail becomes available.

What tools are available?

  • Tool buttons or widgets are located at the top of the page. Bookmark, map legend, address locator, search, draw and measure, and a print functions are available at this time.

What are bookmarks and why are they useful?

  • A useful map extent that you can save locally on your computer to save time.

Why is the draw and measure tool is not displaying measurement results or the style is wrong?

  • After turning on the toolset, you must set up measurement parameters or styles first.

How do I turn on/off different layers?

  • The more button on the upper right works like a windows explorer page. You must hover over the more button and check the boxes to turn on individual layers. The data layer status table (on the main page) is very beneficial to quickly find where and what order the layers are in.

Why are some of the layers not showing when turned on?

  • Due to large datasets such as parcels – a minimum extent must be reached before the layer can be viewed. Other layers (land use) due to size may take longer to load.

Why do I get the information from a different layer when I click on an object?

  • It is highly advised to only have one additional layer other than the base map on at one time. It also helps to “view in” to an object before clicking on it. The municipal boundary is automatically on so turning it off will help.

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