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Dauphin County Commissioners & TCRPC Win Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence

HARRISBURG -- The Dauphin County Commissioners and Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) have won a 2023 Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence for their Regional Water Resource Enhancement Program (WREP).

WREP was created to address the growing range of stormwater management, water quality and flooding issues in the county. It was designed to cut municipal costs by 60 to 90 percent by providing a central framework, offering strategic partnerships and coordinating efforts between municipalities. In recent years, the cost to address these issues has risen due to the increasing complexity of the impacts and environmental regulations associated with stormwater management. To date, 15 municipalities are participating in WREP.

Governor Josh Shapiro will present the award, given in the Innovative Community / Governmental Initiatives category, at this year’s Local Government Day celebration on April 12 at the State Museum. In addition to Dauphin County and TCRPC, 27 other local government leaders and communities from across the state will receive awards to recognize their achievements.

The Governor’s Awards for Local Government Excellence, in coordination with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), “recognize local governments and individuals that have found creative ways to improve their communities,” Gov. Shapiro said Wednesday.

“The important work done by local officials across our Commonwealth has the power to impact Pennsylvania families every day,” he said. “Each of this year’s recipients have shown exceptional dedication to improving public services through innovative initiatives and a continued focus on getting things done for their communities. The individuals, municipalities, organizations and counties being recognized today represent the best of us, and public service is not just what they do -- it's who they are.”

Pictured are Dauphin County Planning Coordinator Jerry Duke, far left, and TCRPC Exec. Dir. Steve Deck, third from left.

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CONTACT: Steve Deck, AICP, 717-234-2639


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