Performance Measures

Performance Measures Slides

These performance measures act like a report card for the region’s transportation system.  Each performance measure uses an emoticon to indicate how the region is doing.

 Image of emoticons ranging from happy to sad

Image of emoticons ranging from happy to sad

MAP-21 federal legislation emphasizes the development of a performance-driven, outcome-based approach to planning including the establishment of performance measures along with performance targets related to highway, bridge and transit transportation.  The goal of performance planning is to develop performance measures that enable the transportation agencies to evaluate the plan by determining the extent to which they are meeting each measure and to develop a process for prioritizing transportation projects based on system performance. MAP-21 established seven national goals of the federal highway program including shown in the figure below: 

 Image showing list of Performance Management National Goals consisting of: 1. Safety; 2. Infrastructure Conditions; 3. Congestion Reduction; 4. System Reliability; 5. Freight Movement and Economic Vitality; 6. Environmental Sustainability; 7. Reduced Project Delivery Delays.

Additional guidelines for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (like HATS) to develop performance measures and performance targets based on MAP-21 goals are anticipated to be provided by FHWA in 2015. In anticipation of federal rulemaking for the identification of national performance measures, HATS has identified potential performance measures relating to the seven national goals for consideration. These performance measures also reflect the regional goals and objectives outlined in the HATS 2040 RTP.  Monitoring and updating of these performance measures will be ongoing and progress on the objective achievement will be reported on in the next formal update of the HATS RTP.  The following table identifies the HATS 2040 RTP recommended performance goals, performance measures, objectives and data potential sources for consideration as shown in the table below: 

 Chart listing performance goals, performance measures, objectives and data sources.

These draft performance measures will be incorporated as necessary to meet the federal guidelines that will be provided and will be evaluated along with other performance measures that may be identified by federal regulations in the future. HATS will work in cooperation with PennDOT to identify the preferred performance measures as well as the performance targets and provide the data necessary to measure each performance criteria.