Means to Work

Transportation Choice

We all make choices about how we get to work each day. We make decisions about which method is the cheapest, fastest and suits our individual preferences. Currently in our region, about 90% of people get to work by car (includes all personal vehicles other than motorcycles). Of those 90%, about 10% carpool. In 2000, 91% of the people of our region chose to get to work by car.

Our region is making small but significant transit choices away from the personal vehicle for a variety of reasons. Hopefully as demand more transporation choices increases, they will become available.

Understanding the map

This map uses data from the Census Bureau's ACS 5-year 2011 and from the 2000 Census SF3 on transportation means to work. The choropleth map shows the ratio of non-car choices to car-choices by municipality from the 2011 ACS 5-year. A non-car choice is public transit, walking, biking, motorcycle, or work from home. A car choice is driving a personal vehicle alone or in a carpool. The tool tip reveals percentages by the different modes and compares the 2011 ACS data with the 2000 Census SF3. The universe of both datasets is workers over the age of 16 by municipality.

Map created by TCRPC