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The mission of the Dauphin County Planning Commission is to guide, coordinate and promote the wise and orderly use of land and resources in order to facilitate the growth of the local economy, enhance the quality of life and preserve the natural environment by meeting the needs of the County’s present population without compromising the needs of future generations.

The Dauphin County Planning Commission functions to fulfill the obligations under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).


New photo pending. Commissioners' term expiration in parentheses.
  • Chairman William Specht III (2019)
  • Vice-Chairman John Kerschner, AICP (2019)
  • Secretary Josh First (2018)
  • Treasurer Chris Abruzzo (2020)
  • Mary Gaiski (2020)
  • Gary Lenker (2019)
  • Keith Oellig (2020)
  • Robert Spandler (2018)
  • Dan Tunnell (2018)
  • Commissioner Jeff Haste (Liaison)

Meetings, Minutes & Review Log

(This info also available on the TCRPC calendar)
Dauphin County Planning Commission Meetings are held at 4 p.m. on the first Monday of each month (except for holidays) in the 2nd floor conference room of Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, 112 Market St., Harrisburg, PA 17101.


1/9 - Cancelled
2/6 - Minutes | Combined Jan/Feb Reviews
3/6 - Minutes | Reviews
4/3 - Minutes | Reviews
5/1 -  Minutes | Reviews
6/5 - Minutes | Reviews
7/10 - Minutes | Reviews
8/7 -  Minutes | Reviews
9/11 - Minutes | Reviews
10/2 - Minutes | Reviews
11/6 -  Minutes | Reviews
12/4 - Minutes | Reviews


1/4 - Minutes Reviews
2/1 - Minutes | Reviews
3/7 - Minutes Approvals | Reviews
4/4 - Cancelled
5/2 - Minutes Approvals Reviews
6/6 - Minutes | Reviews
7/11 - Minutes | Reviews 
8/1 - Cancelled
9/12 - Minutes | Reviews
10/3 - Minutes | Reviews
11/7 - Minutes | Reviews
12/5 - Minutes | Reviews

Click for Dauphin County Comprehensive Plan flyer

Click for Dauphin County Comprehensive Plan flyer


NOTE: A draft version of the revised Dauphin County Comprehensive Plan is now available online at www.dauphincountycompplan.org. The public review and comment period runs through May 26. All Dauphin County residents are invited to participate. A PDF flyer for the comp plan is available here.

2008 Comprehensive Plan

Choose a PDF from the menus below:

Click for plan review or approval application

Click for plan review or approval application

Plan Application & Fees

To submit a subdivision or land development plan for County Planning Commission review or approval, please download and fill out this application:

Plans will not be accepted without the required fees and a completed application, including signatures from the respective municipality.

For fee information associated with the review or approval, select the municipality from the menu below:

If you have questions regarding the fees, call us at 717-234-2639 prior to submitting a plan for review.

Premier Project Awards

Premier Project Award logo

The Premier Project Award seeks to acknowledge professional leadership in creating projects which aid communities as they make planning decisions, promote smart growth and spark revitalization.

Individuals, organizations, municipalities, public authorities and developers, as well as public/private partnerships within Dauphin County may submit applications for projects in which they were principally involved in design, development or implementation.

NOTE: The deadline to submit entries for the 2017 Premier Project Awards will be announced in the near future.


Downtown Hershey Association - Downtown Hershey: A Plan for Continued Revitalization

City of Harrisburg - LED Streetlight Project
Middletown Borough - S. Union St. Infrastructure Improvement Project

Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg - Youth Development Park

Connor Design-Build, LLC & Lucknow, LLC - Lucknow Road Project

Harristown Enterprises Inc. - Strawberry Square Redevelopment

Read the news release here
View all PPA Winners since 2012


Entries must be submitted in one of four categories --

1. Community Capacity:

  • Projects that can assist local communities to make good planning decisions;
  • Implementation of an Elm Street or Main Street Program;
  • Up-to-date plans and ordinances;
  • Regional coordination and cooperation;
  • Education and training programs (creating/delivering, not attending).

2. Infrastructure:

  • Projects that promote the advancement of smart development;
  • Bridges;
  • Stormwater management;
  • Parks and other green infrastructure;
  • Water and wastewater projects;
  • Transportation (inter-modal);
  • Telecommunication (wi-fi, etc.).

3. Revitalization:

  • Projects that use the existing building stock, infrastructure and land to enhance community development;
  • Infill development;
  • Re-use of old structures for new purposes;
  • Preservation and conservation of cultural, historic or natural resources;
  • Streetscapes.

4. Sustainable Growth:

  • Land development projects that promote smart growth;
  • Compact development;
  • Connecting economic development to housing and transportation choices;
  • Traditional * Neighborhood Developments;
  • Mixed use and New Urbanism;
  • Energy-efficiency.

Additional Info:

  • Entries will be separated by size and cost: small projects cost under $499,999 and large projects cost over $500,000;
  • Eligible projects must be completed between 2011 and 2016;
  • Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
         -- Effectiveness;
         -- Ease of replication;
         -- Community involvement & partnerships;
         -- Smart growth;
         -- Comprehensive planning.


Email Jerry Duke or call (717) 234-2639.


A big thank-you to our Community Sponsor for the 2016 Premier Project Awards:

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

Effective June 2011

Choose section (PDF format) from the following menu:



Jerry Duke, Dauphin County Planning Coordinator, TCRPC, 112 Market St., 2nd Fl., Harrisburg, PA 17101, (717) 234-2639